Too good to be true


I was tired and exhausted when we met at a health clinic last year. A depression had brought you there. Triggered by a separation that you could hardly process. The first time I saw you, you seemed kind of creepy to me. When we first started talking and you told me your story, you had […]

Did we really know each other?

communication disorder

A year. In the summer you had left our vacation and we both lived the separation without really seeking clarification again. Occasionally I perceived the superficial contact via messages, I put letters from you unopened to the side and your things were in my apartment. You didn’t ask for it, I didn’t grab it. Late […]



Declaration of love to my best friend You know the story, we told it to all the people who heard it – and didn’t want to hear it again and again. And now I’m going to write them down again in black and white. We were just 10 years old. The first week in secondary […]

Wanderlust and Wanderfrust

the disinterested woman

It was in the spring when my colleague asked me if I would like to go hiking with her. We had not been close friends until now, but she had already asked me the autumn before about a hike. My colleague is a very structured and hardworking woman, but she is not particularly popular. She […]